Free keep2share premium pro account k2s login key April 2021 premium account pro info username and password share for trial month membership with full download max speed. so rather than a keep2share premium key login or any k2s downloader reddit generator, you can search your favourite files (movies games and music) and download them at any momoent you like.

Password: 1234567

Updates: 10 April 2021

HOW to GET K2S Premium Account HERE


How much can I download with premium account?

Premium users can download 10 GB in a day; Premium PRO users can download 50 GB in a day. Your traffic will renew automatically at 00:00 GMT.

Can I search the Keep2Share server for certain files?

No. Keep2Share protects the privacy of our users. Only the person storing a file on Keep2Share gets the download link. That person decides who should have access to the link. A file can only be downloaded if the download link details are known.

Which download managers can I use?

You may use any download manager, a few popular ones are: JDownloader, Internet Download Manager, Download Accelerator Plus etc.

My account was hacked?

You must keep secure your account details from hack and crack. So any mails about hacked accounts, changed information and so on will be ignored! It is your responsibility to keep your account information safe!









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